Fully Funded Research Scholarships (UK) for Ph.D. Students at Swansea University

Swansea University in the United Kingdom offers Ph.D. students in a variety of disciplines fully funded research scholarships. Any candidate from any country may apply for these grants. The entire cost of tuition, as well as any necessary research costs, is covered by these scholarships.

Fully Funded Research Scholarships (UK)

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Scholarship Opportunities

Fully Funded Research Scholarships (UK) Swansea University

Fully Funded Research Scholarships (UK) for Ph.D. Students at University Swansea, Wales, the United Kingdom, there is a Welsh public research institution called Swansea institution. The university community thrives on discovery and exploration and offers the perfect balance of outstanding instruction and research, as well as an enviable standard of living. Fully Funded Research Scholarships (UK) waterfront campuses attract international students and staff, and its multicultural community offers a global viewpoint, enabling those who join it to develop skills and knowledge that will position them for prosperous and fulfilling careers.

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Fully Funded Research Scholarships (UK) for Ph.D. Students at Swansea University

Both local and foreign students have access to a variety of scholarships that give them the chance to show off their abilities. The completely Fully Funded Research Scholarships (UK) are briefly described below. These grants are offered in a variety of academic disciplines. These doctoral grants are typically available for 4 years.

Fully Funded UKRI CDT AIMLAC Ph.D. Scholarships

The Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Advance Computing (AIMLAC) program seeks to educate the following generation of AI pioneers in a range of STEM fields. Advanced multidisciplinary training is provided by the Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in a welcoming, friendly atmosphere that supports each student’s efforts to realize their full potential. Applications from people with diverse backgrounds and any nationality who can make a good difference in society’s future are encouraged.



These are competitive scholarships and cover all tuition fees as well as an annual stipend of £17,668. Additional funds will be made available for research.

Deep-Learning Accelerated Computational Fluid Dynamic Model For Pollutant Dispersion In Urban Environment (RS290)

Complex unsteady flow predictions are computationally challenging, and full-field experimental approaches are prohibitively costly. The fields of machine learning and data-driven computational modeling, both of which are expanding quickly, are at the forefront of this endeavor. The project seeks to integrate high-order CFD methods for precise and reliable simulations of urban flows to develop novel new models that predict fluid mechanic properties.

  • Swansea University and UKRI are the sources of funding
  • Swansea University is the host institution.
  • Computational engineering and machine learning are the topics.
  • Program of study that is appropriate: Ph.D. in Civil Engineering
  • Date of Project Start: July 1, 2023
  • Date of Application Closing: May 5, 2023

Candidates must normally have a 2.1 degree (or non-UK equivalent as defined by Swansea University) in Engineering or a related science discipline.

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Visualization of Temporal Networks Through Interactions with The Space-Time Cube (Rs179)

The learner will investigate how to divide and visualize the space-time cube perceptually. The project will first use an embedded network created by an event-based dynamic graph drawing algorithm to visualize the elements of this space-time cube. In this instance, the visualization techniques will focus on visualizing the structure that already exists within the drawing, which simultaneously takes into consideration the spatial position and time. Then, in a user-controlled space-time cube, we’ll examine techniques for drawing dynamic diagrams on demand.

  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) is the funding source, and Swansea University is the DTP host institution.
  • fields of study: computer science
  • An appropriate course of study is a Ph.D. in computer science.
  • Date of Project Start: July 1, 2023
  • Date of Application Closing: May 5, 2023

Candidates typically need a master’s degree with a minimum overall grade of “Merit,” or a 2.1 undergraduate degree in computer science, mathematics, or a closely similar field. (or Non-UK equivalent as defined by Swansea University).

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Scholarship Opportunities

Sport And Exercise Sciences: Examining Biomechanical, Neuromuscular, And Muscle-Tendon Changes Following Meniscal Surgery (RS288)

Meniscus tears and other traumatic knee injuries are frequent in sports and greatly increase the burden of knee osteoarthritis worldwide. (KOA). 63.8% of meniscus injury instances require surgical interventions, placing a heavy burden on national healthcare systems. Despite having surgery, the majority of patients still experience pain, swelling, and impaired knee function in the affected knee, which is also three times more likely to develop KOA than the contralateral knee.

  • Swansea University is the source of the funding.
  • Swansea University is the host institution.
  • Biomechanics/Sports Sciences as Subjects
  • Project Start Date: 1 October 2023 Aligned Program of Study: Ph.D. in Sport and Exercise Science
  • Date of Application Closure: 2 June 2023

Candidates must normally have a 2.1 degree (or non-UK equivalent as defined by Swansea University) in Sports Science or a related science discipline.

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