Boston University Undergraduate Scholarships

A variety of Boston University Undergraduate Scholarships to recognize worthy students who go above and beyond. Although some prizes are granted to talented performers, sportsmen, and artists, the bulk are given for academic excellence. You are also exempt from having to submit a financial aid application or pay back funds awarded on the basis of merit.

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Private research Boston University Undergraduate Scholarships is located in Boston, Massachusetts. BU was founded in 1839 by a group of Boston Methodists with its first location in Newbury, Vermont, before being chartered in Boston in 1869. The institution enrolls close to 34,000 students and has more than 4,000 academic staff members. It offers bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, doctorates, and degrees in medical, dentistry, business, and law through 17 schools and colleges dispersed among three urban sites.

Boston University Undergraduate Scholarships
Boston University Undergraduate Scholarships

Boston University Undergraduate Scholarships

Many merit-based scholarships, some of which even cover the full cost of tuition, are available from Boston University. All undergraduate fields are eligible, and the scholarships are available to U.S. citizens, legal permanent residents, qualifying non-citizens, and international students. Some of these awards are based on financial necessity, while others are given based on merit.

Trustee Scholarship

The Trustee prize is the most esteemed prize offered at BU. Students become a part of a unique campus community that offers opportunities for personal, social, and intellectual growth. Competitive individuals are urged to apply if they are among their top achievers and show excellent involvement in their schools and communities.

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Scholarship Opportunities

All students, including international, U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, and other qualified non-citizens, are eligible for the Trustee Scholarship. A Trustee Scholarship is a four-year, renewable award that covers the full undergraduate tuition and the necessary undergraduate student expenses.

Annual ValueFull tuition & fees
Number of Awards20
Essay RequiredYes
Eligible NationalityInternational
DeadlineDecember 1

How to Apply

When making a Trustee Scholarship application:

  • Apply to one of BU’s undergraduate degree programs by December 1 by submitting the Common Application and any additional paperwork.
  • As part of your BU application, complete the Trustee Scholarship essay on the Common Application.

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The Presidential Scholarship

The Board of Admissions awards the Presidential Scholarship each year to our incoming first-year students who demonstrate exceptional academic accomplishment. The academically top-performing kids in our system are Presidential Scholars, but they also go above and beyond the call of duty to help lead their schools and communities. With this $25,000 tuition grant, it is feasible to finish up to four years of undergraduate study at BU.

Annual Value$25,000
DurationUp to 4 years
Essay RequiredNo
DurationUp to 4 years
Eligible NationalityInternational
DeadlineDecember 1

How to Apply

No further application materials, essays, or forms are necessary. By December 1, students who want to be considered for the Presidential Scholarship must submit their application and accompanying documentation.

To apply for the Boston University Undergraduate scholarships, go to the official website.

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