OGS Scholarships in Canada for Canadian and International Students

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program, sometimes known as OGS, offers merit-based annual scholarships to qualified students pursuing graduate studies at an Ontario university to earn a master’s, doctorate, or Ph.D.OGS Scholarships.

Host CountryCanada
Host InstituteList give below
LevelMasters, Ph.D., Doctorate
No.of Scholarships3000
Eligible NationalityCanadian/International
Amount$5000 per term
Summary of OGS Scholarships for Canadian and International Students
OGS Scholarships
OGS Scholarships in Canada for Canadian and International Students

Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program Details

Academic excellence is promoted at Ontario’s publicly financed universities with OGS scholarships. Since 1975, Ontario’s finest graduate students in all disciplines of study have received merit-based scholarships through the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) program. OGS Scholarships.

90 of the 3,000 annual scholarships are set aside for students who have been granted a temporary residency visa under the federal Immigration and Refugee Protection Act as part of the student class. This is also known as the “Temporary Resident Visa Student Class.” Others are awarded to deserving individuals who are Canadian citizens, lawful permanent residents, or immigrants, with preference being for those who are from Ontario.

Students pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees in graduate studies can apply for merit-based scholarships through the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Program. OGS Scholarships. Graduate students from participating Ontario schools can apply for awards in any academic discipline. Each award is co-funded by the Province of Ontario (two-thirds) and the school that is offering it (one-third).

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Your OGS Scholarships award is based on how many terms you have studied in a row during a given academic year:

  • $10,000 for two terms of study in succession.
  • $15,000 for three consecutive terms of study
  • Each OGS award is given for the following reasons: at least one academic year (2 or 3 consecutive academic terms) maximum of two years (up to 6 consecutive literary terms).

The value of the scholarship is $5,000 per term. The scholarship is not available for a single term.

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The student must fulfill the requirements for the scholarship and maintain a minimum grade point average of “A” or 80% for the previous two academic years to be eligible. The merit-based OGS scholarship is awarded. The school you want to attend has criteria that are used to analyze and rank your application.

To be considered, you must also fulfill the following requirements:

  • In the graduate study, you’ll be aiming for a master’s or doctoral degree.
  • In the academic year you are applying, you will attend a full-time program for two or more terms (21 to 52 weeks ).
  • You’ll be enrolled at one of the universities in Ontario that are participating, as listed below.

Eligible Ontario Institutes

  • University of Brock
  • University of Carleton
  • Guelph University Lakehead University
  • University of Laurentian
  • University of McMaster
  • Nipissing College
  • The OCAD University
  • College of Technology at the University of Ontario
  • Ottawa University
  • University of Queen’s
  • Ryerson College
  • Toronto University
  • University of Trent
  • Waterloo University
  • Occidental College
  • University of Wilfrid Laurier
  • York University University of Windsor


Each institution has different requirements for this scholarship’s application, documentation, and approval. The Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS) are administered independently by each university, and each university sets its deadlines. Contact the graduate studies office at your university for additional details.

How to Apply

Candidates must submit an OGS application to any university they intend to attend, including their own if they are already enrolled in one.

  • Use the OGS program offered by your institution or school. They typically go on sale in October.
  • Fill out an OGS application for each graduate program you are applying to if it is at a different university.
  • Make contact with the Graduate Studies Office at the college or institute you plan to attend for further details on the application procedure.

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