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CS410 Handouts

CS410 Handouts

Visual Programming is the name of the program (CS410). The undergraduate-level course carries three theoretical credits. For this course, there are no stated requirements.

CS410 Course Outline:

You’ll create applications for Microsoft Windows in a discipline called win32 programming. The Intel (X86)-based Windows platform will be covered in this course. We’ll utilize the C programming language since it’s popular among those who create application programmers interfaces (APIs) and because it was principally employed in the creation of the Windows operating system. Additionally, C-oriented syntax is used in the Microsoft API documentation. The key components of Windows development, such as GDI, resource sharing, and device independence, will be examined.

CS410 Handouts

CS410 handouts are available on link CS410 Handouts

CS410 solved Papers

CS410 Midterm solved Papers

CS410 midterm solved papers are available on CS410 Handouts

CS410 Final Term solved Papers

CS410 final term solved papers are available on CS410 Handouts

CS410 Assignments & Solutions

CS410 Assignment 1 Solution

CS410 assignment 1 solution will be available soon.

CS410 Assignment 2 Solution

CS410 assignment 2 solution will be available soon.

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