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CS501 Handouts

CS501 Handouts

Advanced Computer Architecture is the name of the course (CS501). The undergraduate-level course carries three theoretical credits. The prerequisite for this course is CS501.

CS501 Course Outline:

The instruction set level and register transfer level will be the focus of this course, which will give the students a thorough understanding of the many stages of learning computer architecture. The more complex structures, such as arithmetic logic units, memory subsystems, and I/O subsystems, are built by the students in this subject using basic combinational and sequential building blocks.

CS501 Course Learning Outcomes

You ought to be able to when the course is finished:

  • Recognize the design of the RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computers) and CISC (Complex
  • Instruction Set Computers) types of Central Processing Units and Instruction Set Architecture.
  • Using RTL, describe the actions and framework of a computer (Register transfer language)
  • Explain pipelines and grade-level Parallelism
  • Description of the I/O subsystems
  • Be familiar with magnetic disc drives
  • Describe the computer’s memory module.
  • Know the difference between radix and number systems

CS501 Handouts

CS501 handouts are available on the link CS501 Handouts

CS501 solved Papers

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CS501 Assignments & Solutions

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