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CS401 Handouts

CS401 Handouts

The course, CS401, is called Computer Architecture and Assembly Programming Language. The undergraduate-level course carries three theoretical credit hours. It has been mentioned that this course requires CS101 and CS201 as prerequisites. You can extract the CS401 Handouts in PDF format through the link provided in this article.

CS401 Course Outline

This course’s core themes include machine-independent assembly language programming and the fundamental architecture of computer systems, which covers ideas like register structure, memory organization, addressing modes, peripheral organization, and machine-level operations. 

Through the use of loader, linker, and assembler devices, these ideas are included. Students will learn how to combine assembly language code with C/C++ programs as well as how to write and debug programs in assembly language. The students will also learn the fundamentals of Boolean logic and how it relates to computer hardware and programming.

CS401 Handouts

CS401 Handouts

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