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CS504 Handouts

CS504 Handouts

CS504 Handouts! The course in CS-504 is titled Software Engineering-1. The undergraduate-level course carries three theoretical credits. It has been stated that CS101, CS201, and CS304 are prerequisites for this course

CS504 Course Outline

The primary focus of the course is industrial-level software development methodologies. The course’s objective is to arm students with the information they need to build a strong foundation in the software sector. 

The fundamentals of software engineering, various development approaches (such as structured development, object-oriented development, etc.), software architecture, effective coding methodologies, and general testing are all covered in the course.

CS504 Handouts

CS504 handouts are available on link CS504 Handouts

CS504 solved Papers

CS504 Midterm solved Papers

CS504 midterm solved papers are available on CS504 Handouts

CS504 Final Term solved Papers

CS504 final term solved papers are available on CS504 Handouts

CS504 Assignments & Solutions

CS504 Assignment 1 Solution

CS504 assignment 1 solution will be available soon.

CS504 Assignment 2 Solution

CS504 assignment 2 solution will be available soon.

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