University of Toronto Free Online Courses (Canada)

The University of Toronto Free Online Courses via its web portals. Anyone interested in studying can enroll in any of the many free online courses offered by the University of Toronto, covering a broad range of subjects.

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Please note that other University of Toronto Free Online Courses or other institutions and that the availability of any single course may change over time. To see the complete list of free online courses offered by the University of Toronto, visit the University of Toronto Free Online Courses platform websites and search for “University of Toronto” in the course catalog.

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is a public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, because it surrounds Queen’s Park. With over 800 undergraduate programs, 150 graduate programs, and 40 professional programs, U of T attracts top-notch students from 160 countries and all throughout Canada. The University is one of the most prominent and important hubs for advanced education and cutting-edge research worldwide.

The University of Toronto OpenCourseWare

High-quality, free digital releases of college- and university-level teaching materials are Open Courses. They go by the name OpenCourseWare (OCW) a lot. These materials are organized into courses and often contain tools for course creation and assessment in addition to theme content. Open Courses are available online, free of charge, to everyone at any time, under an open license. You may also be aware of the term MOOC (massive, open, online courses), which is used to describe this kind of content.

University of Toronto Free Online Courses at Coursera

Online classes in various areas are now available thanks to a collaboration between Coursera and the University of Toronto. You can access the lectures and course materials for these courses for free if you choose to audit them. There is typically a charge, though, if you want a completion certificate.

University of Toronto Free Online Courses at Coursera

University of Toronto Free Online Courses at edX

The University of Toronto is a member of the edX site, which offers a vast array of free online courses. Numerous subjects are covered in these self-paced courses, such as business, social sciences, data analysis, computer science, and more. You can obtain the course materials for free, and a certified certificate can be obtained for a fee.

University of Toronto Courses Available for Free on edX

Free online courses from Abdullah University 

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University of Toronto Scholarship

Do you aspire to attend one of Canada’s top institutions to further your education? With the University of Toronto Scholarship for the academic year, your ambitions could come true. This prestigious scholarship program allows students to study in a supportive and varied environment while receiving a degree of the highest caliber.

Award CountryCanada
UniversityUniversity of Toronto
Degree levelUndergraduate
Scholarship coverageFully Funded
Eligible NationalityInternational
University of Toronto Scholarship summary

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